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You know the old saying: "You get what you pay for." Here at Custom Tinting of Woodstock, we firmly believe this to be true when it comes to quality accessories for your vehicle or home. Nano carbon-ceramic window film is the latest innovation in the window tinting industry and our shop has always been an early adopter of the newest tech. A longer-lasting, superior film is worth the few extra dollars in inital cost - ask us what the upgrade cost is for your vehicle.

About Nano Carbon Ceramic Film:
The Phantom Nano Carbon Ceramic window film from Rayno uses innovative technology to equip your car or home with all the advantages of both carbon and ceramic films. By reducing carbon particles down to nano scale, Rayno has reduced the haze caused by the natural large size, while retaining carbon's incredible durability. By encapsulating high purity ceramic particles, they've further enhanced color stability while maintaining high visibility. Phantom is an innovative product with improved visibility and durability with higher color stability and heat rejection compared to other automotive window films on the market.

The Phantom S5 is 35% truer in color than standard film.

Here are a few vehicles recently tinted with nano carbon-ceramic film. Worth every penny!

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