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Window Tinting in Woodstock | Residential Window Tint

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There are several reasons why tinting the windows in your home is a good idea, and we have outlined these below. Just like your car, your house or condominium can benefit from cooler temps in the warm months and even temperatures throughout the year.

Residential window tint adds a layer of protection as well, for that occasional bird that may fly your way - an extra bit of window protection not to mention good looks. Let's face it, Woodstock homes just look more comfortable with tint. Get to know us!

Top 10 Reasons why we should install Residential Window Tint for you:

1) Protects interior furnishings, artwork and floors from fading with our 99% UV protection.
2) Can lower room temperatures by 10-12 degrees.
3) Eliminates hot/cold spots for your comfort year-around.
4) Can reduce air-conditioning bills by up to 20%.
5) Controls the solar glare on TV's and computer screens.
6) Improves family privacy from prying eyes.
7) Add safety, security and strength to your windows.
8) We use only quality Sun-Tek and SunGard window films.
9) Our residential work is backed with a 1-year warranty.
10) We offer fast turn around times on installation .